May 7, 2014
Watch it - 8065 Bagnet

I had laughed a little too loud. Within that second my head was thrown back in jest, I noticed: a girl from the nearest table who was looking at me weirdly for laughing too loud, a guy I remember only because he dated one of my classmates back in college—and then there was you and your unassuming face.

There was something about the way you held yourself, your curly hair and glasses, your look, the way you were listening earnestly to your long-haired friend’s story. It could’ve been an exciting mishap or some boring yarn—you had a face that would accept both without judgement or malice. You had a face that would understand.

While I would be waiting for that jump in the wind to tell you something I’m proud of, or waiting for my heart to settle after I tell you something I regret. When there is nothing to be said and when there’s nothing left unsaid. When we are content. When all is quiet. You had a face that would understand.

I bunched all these thoughts into a ball and threw it into the blackhole at the back of my mind. I knew I was succumbing to a thinking trap before I even began to steal glances—I was assigning ideal virtues to some stranger again. Must be a symptom of loneliness. 

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May 7, 2014

Anonymous said: Teddy Bear- m4w- Midsummer Night at Route 196: You were with a bunch of friends and you seemed to know a lot of people there. You left but came back during the set of Daspan Thesis and stayed until Autotelic's set. I wanted to approach you but you were never alone. Oh, I noticed the teddy bear patch on your white polo. :) I hope to see you again.


May 7, 2014
Dressed In Black From Head To Toe - W4M - Heima Brixton

It was an anniversary party gig. It’s been a while since I went out, and honestly it felt kind of weird to be socializing again. My eyes wandered around the place. Then I saw you, dressed in black from head to toe, a black polo shirt, black jeans and black vans. At some point we caught each other’s gaze but then I got scared and immediately looked some place else. You laughed and talked to your friends, one was a long haired guy which I think were one of the band members who performed. As I sipped my vodka sprite, I just can’t help looking at you. You were at least 5 types of attractive. I don’t know if you noticed me, but hey, you really seem like you’re something and I’d like to catch more of you.

I hope to see you more in future gigs.

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April 2, 2014

Anonymous said: [White Shirt, Glasses, Fangs, Red and Black Backpack] - [m4m] - [Katipunan] has anybody ever told you that they want your smile aimed directly at them? I do. You were with a bunch of people today, most of them bespectacled. Whatever you guys were talking about, it looked serious. You got hugged by all the people near you. I wish that it were me hugging you and I'm praying the spiky-haired geeky looking guy isn't your boyfriend, even though he looks like he loves you.

February 27, 2014
Caliburger guy - w4m - Century Mall

02/26/14- 9:00pm

You were with your friends on the other table in the balcony. You were wearing a red shirt.

When I passed by, we had eye contact.

And maybe it’s just me but I sensed you were trying to make me notice you with your cute smile and all.

It surprised me that suddenly you were at our table borrowing my friend’s lighter.

I was hoping you’d introduce yourself but you didn’t so that’s why I’m here posting this and searching every social media site for you in #caliburger

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February 24, 2014

Anonymous said: RX Singles Party, Hyve. You were in a purple dress, seated with your friends on the couch near the DJ booth, looking bored a few times throughout the night. We stole glances every so often. But there was always someone in the way and, frankly, I'm rusty at introductions. Then you left for the parking lot. I followed, looking for an opening to get your name, at the least. You rode a grey City with a yellow ribbon sticker and passed slowly in front of me while I stood there - wondering, hoping.

February 19, 2014
Roots - w4m - UP Diliman

Hi missedconnectionsmanila! Wow. This is my first time writing I don’t wanna bore anyone so okay I’m just going to make it short and sweet na lang. :) I found out about this site through a magazine feature in our college (in BA, The Guilder) and I haven’t stopped reading since Page 1. Everything’s so romantically depressing - ang daming could-have-beens.

I wish we can turn back time ‘no?

So I guess I’m gonna take this opportunity na lang to post my own kasi it happened just last night din sa Roots. I’m a shy type talaga in real life and I don’t go out but last night was the first time I ever actually went out na 2 AM na ako nakauwi. I was with my bff.  I was thinking baka food na lang siguro ma-try ko so go ako, but she forced me to watch until Up Dharma Down. Siksikan na talaga sa harap. As the band was starting na, we ended up standing kung saan may tall guy in front of me. At first, dedma lang naman ako sa kanya. Nakikita ko lang yung sideview niya until mga gitnang kanta na na biglang nakaforward na kami ng friend ko at nasa gilid na siya namin at katabi ko na siya. He was cute, mabango, wears glasses and was singing along to all the songs. We were looking at each other, A LOT, but after the set he disappeared. I was so disappointed looking for him after but wala na talaga siya eh.

Tadhana na sana. :(

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February 19, 2014
I tried to draw your face -w4w- katipunan

I’ve seen you three times. The first time I saw you we were riding the jeep to katipunan from UP. I was sitting across from you but a little bit to the right. When I first saw you I was dumbfounded. You had beautifully brown doe eyes, a cute nose and a smile that would require me a thousand words. I had the strong urge to draw you, to try and capture your very unique face. I apoligize if I kind of weirded you out by how much i stared at you. Once I realized that I can’t simply forget your face, I took a pen and started drawing you on my palm. I thought it would be quite easy, with your features being so distinct and all, but I couldn’t do you justice. Again I apologize if I made you feel awkward. I knew you were trying to avoid my gaze and yet I couldn’t help myself.

The second time, it was at Trinoma at Fall Out Boy’s meet and greet. I saw you but you didn’t see me. I kept glancing back at you but sadly I wasn’t at your line of sight. After all the chaos, I couldn’t find you anymore.

The third (and hopefully not the last) was when I was on my way to the lrt katipunan station. I was in a bit of a hurry and was looking down and hiding behind my cap. But as I was approaching the waiting shed near the station I was about to bump into someone. When I looked up, there you were with your wide eyes and full lips and you smiled at me. It seemed like you were also in a hurry but if we had all the time in the world I would’ve just stood there smiling up at you forever (even if it meant that we were blocking people’s ways) 

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February 14, 2014
Dude with that Jake the Dog shirt - m4m - UP Fair Roots 2014.

Hey bro, I know I should be keeping my personal tastes to myself but Jesus that Jake shirt of yours looked fucking tired and tacky but you looked so fucking hot and tight in that shirt so I’m going to forgive you. And you were with a girlfriend while I was sitting on a banig set-up with friends just across from where the both of you were standing. It’s so bizarre and fantastic, a total turn-on, that you were able to juggle stealing glances from me while your girlfriend’s stare is right there the stage, ignorant of the little heady game we were playing as Ciudad was playing onstage. My god, you looked like Collin Jennings from Awkward. If you’re reading this, please know that I like you like a stoner likes Adventure Time.

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January 23, 2014
the boy with the blue backpack - w4m - makati

We were crossing the street between Landmark and Serenitea, you in a gray hoodie and me in a striped cardigan. You walked past me at the last minute, throwing me a side glance before you rushed to cross the street.

My attention suddenly focused on you and your The North Face backpack. It was blue, stitched with flags that probably represented the places you’ve been to. Now this is a strong point of attraction for someone who daydreams of plane tickets and passport stamps, a girl constantly consumed by wanderlust. I didn’t wait for the pedestrian light to flash green - I crossed the street and tailed you.

Indonesia. Hong Kong. Malaysia. Singapore. You probably had four, five more flags on your backpack, but I couldn’t remember them all. I was drunk with possibility, to be in the presence of someone who has the same enthusiasm for travel as much as I do. I wanted to tap your shoulder, strike a conversation and ask you about the places you’ve been to, places I am dreaming about.

I don’t know if you were aware of my existence as much as I was aware of yours, but you slowed down a bit and then I was there, walking right behind you. You were moving with the music playing through your earphones, your hands playing subtle air guitar, your swagger a bit awkward and cute at the same time. It was amusing and I kept debating with myself - should I strike up a conversation? Should I not?

We lined up at the Glorietta 3 entrance, the guard checking our bags. You took off your backpack slowly, half turning to me in the process, and I had to focus elsewhere. I wondered how long I’ll keep watching you, how far I’m willing to go. It was the longest one minute of my life, trying to keep my attention on you and at the same time trying to downplay it.

We got inside the mall, and you took the escalator. Old habits die hard and I’ve always been chicken shit, so I stifled the curiosity and took a different route. I never initiate conversations with strangers anyway and I couldn’t muster enough courage even if I wanted to.

I wish I kept walking your way though, took the jump and said hello. I wonder if you went to Penang and saw the blue mansion, if you surfed the waves in Bali or you took a cooking class instead, if you got lost reading the street signs in Hong Kong. I want to hear the stories behind the flags stitched on your backpack, if they filled you with the kind of happiness that fills me when I travel. I want to know the memories you took home with you, if they’re enough to keep you going while you’re temporarily stuck as a corporate slave saving up for his next trip.

But I guess I’ll be here wondering while we go wandering. Maybe I’ll bump into you someday, in a cramped old bus on my way to Chiang Mai. Or maybe we’ll see each other, crossing the streets of Makati one random night. All I know is I’ll keep looking out for that blue backpack, hoping I’ll get to see the world through your eyes.

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