October 12, 2011
i found your wallet - w4w - UPD, December 2010 

11:30 AM. I found it in a restroom in CAL. It was a red purse/wallet thing. I opened it and found some cash, lots of receipts, bits of paper, and then voila, your ID card. I didn’t find your personal cellphone number in any of the scribblings on the bits of paper, so I just sent a short message to your mom. [I found your daughter’s wallet.] I didn’t receive a reply, so i figured I should just leave the wallet with the security guard downstairs. 

After 3 hours, your mom called me. She sounded so thankful and apologetic. [Naku salamat, mabuti ikaw ang nakapulot! Pasensya na sa abala!] I said that it was fine, and told her where I left your wallet. [Ma’am, iniwan ko po sa guard sa baba, paki-sabi na lang po sa anak niyo.] Your mom expressed her last thanks, but before she hung up, she asked for my name. I told her. [Ah, Kai po.]

6 PM. I was waiting in line for the Hagikhikan concert at the UP theater when you sent me a text message. [Hi Kyle! This is *your nickname, i think*. Salamat sa pagbalik mo sa wallet ko! Nasa UP ka pa ba? Can we meet for a while? I just want to personally thank you :)]

My first reaction was LOL. Maybe it was because of my androgynous speaking voice that your mom thought I was a guy when she was talking to me on the phone, besides the fact that Kai sounds like Kyle. I replied to your message. [No problem! It’s good to know you got your wallet back now. Oh, and my name is Kai, and I’m a girl. Yes, I’m still in UP, sa may UP theater.] 

I immediately felt your disappointment when I read your last reply to my message. [Ah ganun ba, sige salamat na lang uli!] 

Geez lady, I am sincerely very glad to have helped you, but sorry I wasn’t the perfect-gentlemanly-guy-of-your-imaginations that you thought I was. Don’t worry, next time you forget your wallet somewhere, leave it in the men’s toilet room. It’s sure to be found by a Kyle or some other real guy. 

I’m just not sure if they would return it to you like I did.

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